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State of Georgia. House of Representatives. Journal. Atlanta, GA: Longino and Porter, 1966.

When the Georgia House reconvened for the new legislative year on January 10, 1966 one of the first orders of business was to prevent Julian Bond from taking his seat. Five separate petitions were read contesting Julian Bond's ability to take the oath of office which required members to uphold the Constitutions of Georgia and the United States. The House called Bond "unqualified and ineligible" to become a member of the House. These petitions led to House Resolution 7 (HR 7) calling for a special committee to investigate the matter.

Five hours later, the House reconvened with both the special committee's majority and minority opinions, with the majority opinion recommending Bond be barred from taking his seat. House Resolution 19 (HR 19), barring Bond from taking his seat, was passed by a vote of 184 to 12. Three members, whose votes were not taken for reasons of mechanical failure and illness, would have made the vote 186 to 13.

On January 13, House Resolution 49(HR 49) announced a vacancy for Bond's seat and on January 17, House Resolution 66 (HR 66) appointed the Attorney General to act as counsel for the House in response to Mr. Bond's filing his lawsuit.

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