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Ryan, General John D. "Air Force Policy: Air Force Chief of Staff." Commander's Digest. Vol. 12, no. 2. Washington, D.C. GPO, May 18, 1972. P. 11.

SuDoc No.: D2.15/2

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Air Force Policy: Air Force Chief of Staff

General John D. Ryan

  • I don't think you will find anybody in the Air Force in any position of responsibility who says that there is no problem in the Air Force... We have problems in the Air Force the same as we have on the outside. We are cognizant of these problems and we are trying to do something about them.

  • Each of our units has a mission to reform. In order for them to perform effectively they have got to have topnotch people. In order to have topnotch people you have to have communication with those people. If you don't have communication with those people you are not going to accomplish the job.

  • We have established a Human Relations Council at each of the bases. We have established equal opportunity offices at each of the bases. We have our councils, both airmen and NCO councils, on the bases. Many bases have established a hotline telephone. On many bases the base commander answers questions in the base newspaper. So there are many avenues open for people to air complaints.

  • Putting out a directive doesn't solve the problem. The only way the problem is going to be solved is to get down into the units and see how well the directives are being carried out. If they are not being carried out, then we take appropriate action.

  • We have got some people who, as in any other program, do not accept it wholly. These are the people whom we have to ferret out and either change their behavior or remove them from the Air Force.

  • In Korea I met with the Brotherhood of Military of Airmen (BAMA), both whites and blacks, who are together in an organized group... I think organizations like this help to break down whatever prejudices might exist.

  • The number of minority officers... hasn't increased to the extent that we would like to have it increase.

  • We have increased the utilization of women in the Air Force. We have increased the numbers, we have increased the career fields in which they operate.

  • I think progress is being made. It is not as rapid as we would like to have it... and we are going to continue to push to insure that we do make progress.
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