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"Goals and Objectives of the Navy Charter." All Hands. no. 651. Washington, D.C. GPO, April 1971. P. 4-5.

SuDoc No.: D208.3

Outlines the goals and objectives of the Navy Charter to provide for equal opportunity in the Navy.


The Navy as a segment of the United States desires to ensure equal opportunity for all personnel so that the human dignity of every individual will be preserved. Therefore, the Navy must develop and use the full potential of its share of the country's human resources.

To achieve an efficient naval organization and true, equitable treatment for all members of the Navy community, the following goals and objectives are set forth:


I. To attract to the Navy people with ability, dedication, and capacity for growth. Specifically, the Navy must be able to obtain the very best talent available in this nation regardless of race, religion, creed, economic background or national origin.

  • To increase and intensify the Navy's recruiting effort to attain and retain the highest quality officer and enlisted volunteers from the minority community, thus seeking to achieve increased representation of minority personnel in the various categories and grades of the service.

  • To create and maintain a Navy image of equal opportunity and treatment for all people regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin.

  • To establish educational, recreational and social programs within the Navy and in association with the Navy (e.g., JNROTC, Sea Cadets, Community Action Programs) to bring talented but underprivileged/culturally-deprived personnel to a level at which they can compete equitably with their peers.

II. To provide real opportunity for all personnel of the Department of the Navy to rise to the highest level of responsibility that their talent and diligence will take them.


  • To identify and eliminate all bias, i.e., ensure equal opportunity for selection, classification to occupational fields, technical/professional schooling and developmental experiences, progression in duty assignment, performance evaluations, pro-pay, advancement, promotion, retention/reenlistment, career status, etc.

III. To make service in the Department of the Navy a model of equal opportunity for all regardless of race, creed, religion or national origin. The Navy must strive to elevate the dignity of each individual and eliminate all vestiges of racial discrimination so that all members of the naval service can be proud to serve to their fullest.

  • To create and ensure equal opportunity in living and work conditions in the Navy community.

  • To conduct conferences and educational, recreational and social programs to enhance racial and interracial understanding and cooperation.

IV. To help each serviceman at the end of his service in his adjustment to civilian life.

  • To ensure that all members of the Navy's retired and fleet reserve community are assisted in obtaining an equal opportunity for a "second career", if desired.

  • To provide priority opportunity for members of racial minorities as well as members of other underprivileged groups who have completed their military obligations to ensure they leave the naval service prepared to exercise their rights to full and fair participation in the civilian society.

V. To participate in the progressive improvement of social-cultural interaction in our society by utilization of our human, economic and physical resources while maintaining full effectiveness in the performance of our primary mission.


  • To endeavor to provide every Navyman with training and experience necessary to learn a trade or vocational skill.
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