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Cushman Jr., General Robert E. "Marine Corps Policy: Commandant of the Marine Corps." Commander's Digest. Vol. 12, no. 2. Washington, D.C. GPO, May 18, 1972. P. 13.

SuDoc No.: D2.15/2

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Marine Corps Policy: Commandant of the Marine Corps

General Robert E. Cushman Jr.

  • I have given top priority to our Marine Corps Equal Opportunity programs.

  • We regard our effort in the area of human relations as so vital first, because equal opportunity is morally right, and second, because human relations are directly related to combat readiness.

  • Our mission demands trust and confidence among individual Marines... The effects of prejudice or a breakdown in human relations threatens this teamwork for which we have worked so hard and upon which our combat readiness and effectiveness are based.

  • We are making it clear, in no uncertain terms, that there is no room in the Marine Corps for racism.

  • I don't think Marines need any more speeches or promises of equal opportunity. What we are focusing on now is action – new programs, better communication on all levels, scrutiny and review of the results of our programs, and most important of all, an open mind.

  • This is a complex problem we face, rooted in conflicting cultural and social values.

  • We are working on a far-reaching human relations education program which last year saw more than 1,600 Marines undergo a pilot program at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and Camp Pendleton, Calif. We were encouraged by the results.

  • The principal complaints made by black and other minority-group Marines center in three areas. These are promotion, job assignment, and military justice. We are responsive to every single indication of discrimination in these three areas.

    Some complaints and reports are unfounded or are the results of rumors or poor communication. Others show substance and are investigated fully in order to ensure appropriate corrective action. It is important that we restore and maintain the individual Marine's confidence in the system.

  • It is one thing for me to outline all of our official policies and programs here, and yet quite another for these to become the modus operandi for every individual NCO or company grade officer.

  • We have set our course, and it is a good one. We will not renege on it.
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