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Central Intelligence Agency. "Memorandum for: Chief, SR Staff - Subject: Project Merrimack" 1967.

Microfiche: #1979-346E
Date Issued: August 8, 1967
Date Declassified: [No declassification date]
Length: 4 pages


8 August 1967



    1. Attached herewith are publications and other literature which were covertly procured from organizations of interest to us. (Exhibit "A") Also attached are the names and addresses of 147 people to whom Dagmar Wilson of the Women Strike for Peace sent the International newsletter of WSP - The Memo. (Exhibit "B") This publication for your additional information, is issued at least once a month and discusses the range of WSP activities around the country and in conjunction with other women's and peace groups throughout the world.

    2. Periodic covert monitoring of the following indicator organizations has been in effect since our memorandum dated 11 July 1967.



As you are aware, during the period 26 through July 1967, assets were directed toward possible civil disturbances emanating as a result of SNCC leader H. Rap Brown's activities and volatile speeches. Per instructions from the Director of Security, the results of the covert coverage were transmitted directly to the security officer on a timely basis. A number of license plates were ascertained during the conduct of these exercises and the subscribers to some are currently under investigation by this office and the results of our inquiries will be forwarded to you immediately upon receipt.

    3. It should be further noted that of your Staff has been periodically regarding the indicator organizations and there has been, thus far to the best of our assets knowledge, no covert indicators of any possible demonstrations and/or activities directed toward the Agency or any of its local installations.

    4. On 18 July 1967, one of assets attended a peace rally on the southwest grounds of the Washington Monument. The rally was in support of Minister Mohammed Ali aka Cassius Clay, the former heavyweight champion. According to our source, the rally was orderly and Mr. Herb Kelsey, the Director of the Washington Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam, was in charge of the meeting, introducing the speakers and making various remarks after each speaker had delivered his or her message. He read a message from Clay to the crowd of approximately 275 to 300 people, thanking, in substance, the people for their support and informing them that he was unable to attend the rally due to previous commitments in Chicago. Detailed below are brief, pertinent comments of the various speakers at the rally which have been related by our source.

Michael Learles - Community Organizer, Washington, D.C.
Learles stated that Minister Mohammed Ali had set an example by refusing to enter the Army and that we must follow and resist at all cost.

Dagmar Wilson - Founder of Women Strike for Peace
"He is one of the great heroes of our time. The action that Minister Mohammed Ali has taken may turn the course of history. He deserves two Nobel Prizes. He is an example for all of us to follow."

Ray Robinson, Jr. - Community Organizer, Washington, D.C.
Ray Robinson is a former fighter and at present is head of Soul Sessions, Incorporated. He stated that the slow pace of negro progress had discredited nonviolence and peaceful protest. "We ain't marching and sitting down in the road anymore, this ain't getting us anywhere. We have to get to the people and talk to them. Get out and knock on doors and talk to the people. I was in the Navy but I resigned, if you know what I mean. I fought a lot of bouts overseas, in Germany and everywhere, white guys, all kinds, but you know one thing, they wouldn't let me fight a white fellow down in Mississippi. Funny thing ain't it? Mohammed Ali is an example for all black people to follow. I say to the draft. I won't go, hell no I won't go."

Reginald Booker - (Not listed on program)
Introduced by Herb Kelsey [organizer of the demonstration and Director of the Washington Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam] as head of a newly formed group in the Anacostia area known as "Niggers Inc." Booker urged negro women to have as many children as possible "so many good black men were being killed in Vietnam. Have as many as you can in any way that you can."

Marrion Barry - Head SNCC (Not on Program)
Supported the previous speaker very strongly for negro women to have more children. "We must give our full support to Mohammed Ali. I won't go, hell no I won't go." He asked the negro men, "How many of you out there won't go?" All of the negroes that I saw raised their hands. At this time, Barry said, "Don't raise your hands, stand up so everybody can see you, hell no we won't go."

Robert Greenblatt - Professor of Mathematics
"I am a former professor of mathematics, that was before I became a drop-out." Greenblatt urged all white college students to drop-out of school so as not to be a part of draft deferments which discriminate against negroes who are too poor to get a higher education. "Take a few courses, but not enough to qualify as a full-time student and be deferred. You have better things to do."

Omar Abu Ahmed - New York East Side CORE
"Support Mohammed Ali, he is a symbol of the black man in this country today. Follow in his footsteps, hell no we won't go. You the black women of this country, you have done a good job, but this is not enough, you have children and have all you can. Don't be taken in by this birth control stuff, this is the white mans' way to control the negro population. We have to be strong, and strength ties in great numbers. Increase the negro population. If we aren't there we can't win.

"The violence in Newark was started by the white power structure in order to prevent a national conference on black power from being held there. This is a power struggle, remember there are black CIA men, FBI men and policemen. We know who killed Malcolm X - it was the CIA, we know this."

"There will be a nuclear st[r]ike one of these days in this country between the white and the black and we are going to win. All these wars, you notice, aren't against the white race. It's the yellow race and here at home the black race. Why didn't they drop the atomic bomb on Hitler? No. they had to do it against the Japanese people. The Chinese people haven't done anything to us, but all you hear is the Chinese Reds."

"I have visited Newark. Philadelphia and Washington. I am on my way to see Adam (Adam Clayton Powell) and I will give him a full report. He is another victim of the white mans' laws. Black power will prevail."

    6. Additional information developed reveals that of WSP continues to be very actively engaged with the group of Northern Virginians recently organized as the "Virginia's Citizens for Peace in Vietnam." Our source at WSP has been told that is a "heavy" contributor to the WSP.

    7. The aforementioned organizations will continue to be periodically monitored and any significant information which is as- certained will be brought to your attention immediately.

Special Activities Division
Exhibit A & B


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