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Source: Central Intelligence Agency. International Connections of U.S. Peace Groups. February 28, 1968.
Central Intelligence Agency. "International Connections of U.S. Peace Groups." February 28, 1968.

Microfiche: 1981 Document #419A
Date Issued: February 28, 1968
Date Declassified: October 30, 1980
Length: 9 pages

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In 1968, Richard Helms, then CIA director, authored this third in a series of reports for President Johnson that investigated ties between the peace movement in the United States and foreign governments. This document contains 12 points of which points 7 through 12 are relevant to this topic. Unfortunately the memorandum is highly sanitized. Several points begin by saying "....has produced several results," only to have those results blanked out.

However, it does contain some interesting information on an individual named Ralph Schoenman who was attempting to get the 'Black Power' movement, SNCC in particular, more actively involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement. According to the memorandum, Schoenman was to "achieve this by convincing the racist organizations that their struggle for 'liberation' and the struggle against the war have the same adversary and are fundamentally the same struggle."

The memorandum closes reporting on an upcoming conference planned for April of that same year by Schoenman and John Wilson of SNCC. The aim of the conference was to recruit 'black communities' into the anti-Vietnam War movement. There is no further indication of whether such a conference took place or what possible reaction the CIA might have had towards it.

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